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To promote the elimination of School District Property Taxes through bipartisan political and grassroots collaboration focused on the “Four Pillars” of Property Tax Elimination.



Complete Elimination of the School Property Tax for ALL residential and commercial properties in Pennsylvania and elimination of school districts’ authority to levy property tax.


Full Replacement Funding for Pennsylvania K-12 education


Funding education only through taxes based on ‘ability to pay’, i.e. income/sales taxes rather than asset taxes such as property tax.


Establish a true community stakeholder model for any needed additional school funding

The real faces of the school property tax issue

Here, in their own words, are the real-life stories of Pennsylvania families of all ages and areas of the state who are finding it increasingly difficult to withstand the oppressive economic hardship imposed by relentlessly increasing school property taxes.

These true accounts were submitted by PTCC and PCTA subscribers who volunteered to tell their stories. Their hopes are twofold: that Pennsylvania lawmakers will read their words and finally understand the hardship imposed by this inequitable, archaic tax and that they will act quickly to eliminate this unnecessary burden that is diminishing the quality of life for Pennsylvania homeowners.

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PTCC Quick Facts

WHAT is the PTCC?

The PTCC is the Pennsylvania Taxpayers Cyber Coalition, a free subscription-based nonpartisan statewide E-mail list and website that serves as a taxpayer advocacy group for those who have no local group available to them. This list represents a virtual community of thousands of taxpayers from throughout Pennsylvania who are concerned with school property tax and education finance reform.

WHY does the PTCC exist?

School property and nuisance taxes are out of control and are draining the lifeblood of Pennsylvania residents. Pennsylvania school boards cannot continue to annually raise taxes by greater than the rate of inflation before homeowners can no longer afford to pay. This situation is a train wreck waiting to happen, and if something is not done quickly to resolve the problem the entire system will crash in a very short time.

WHAT are the PTCC goals?

The PTCC and our statewide nonpartisan grassroots umbrella group, the Pennsylvania Coalition of Taxpayer Associations (PCTA), are dedicated, through legislative reform, to eliminating school property taxes for all Pennsylvanians and to the equitable funding of all Pennsylvania schools from a broad-based, statewide funding source. Such a source would ultimately equalize disparities between wealthy and poorer school districts, ensuring a quality education for all Pennsylvania schoolchildren. The PTCC has been a supporter of House Bill 76 and Senate Bill 76, The Property Tax Independence Act, a property tax elimination proposal to abolish all school property taxes and provide equitable funding for all Pennsylvania schools.

With the 2021/2022 legislative session, HB/SB 76 has so far not been introduced. PTCC administrators and members are currently in the process of investigating Representative Frank Ryan's proposal for complete elimination of the school property tax, which addresses some of the concerns raised by opponents of HB/SB 76, such as the sales tax base expansion and local control, but also introduces a controversial tax on pensions and retirement distributions other than social security (i.e. 401K, etc).

WHAT can I do to help?

Please take time to explore this site to learn more about the issues, the PTCC’s objectives, and pending tax reform legislation. Join the free PTCC e-mail list to receive updates, spread the word to your friends and relatives about this movement and urge them to join this group, and help with occasional action items to keep the momentum alive. In a grassroots movement such as this, EVERY person counts! Please join in this vital mission to achieve true education finance reform for all Pennsylvania taxpayers and schoolchildren.

WHY should I join the free PTCC e-mail updates list?

If you're happy receiving your information from this web page, that's great! We hope that you'll check back often for updates. But by joining the list you'll receive updates and action items more quickly, and we'll be able to keep a more accurate count of supporters when demanding legislative action. We'd really like to have you as a subscriber. And, of course, your e-mail address will always remain strictly confidential.